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How To Install A Freestanding Bathtub Faucet?

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Thank you for reading the installation as below before install.

Important Note

We do not recommend dismantling the internal parts of the mixer. All mixers have been individually factory tested and assembled to give the best performance.

It is important to flush out the supply pipes before installing the mixer and connecting the flexible hose to hot/cold water supply, regardless whether a stop valve and filter has been installed or not. This procedure will stop foreign objects entering the cartridge.

Floor Stand Mixer

1.Place the Cover Base onto the Mixer Body. Please be sure that there is Rubber Ring around the hole of the cover Base and this will protect the Mixer Body from being scraped by the hole.

2.Screw the Fixing Base to the Mixer Body.

3.Install the Flexible Hose now (Please refer to the above #4).

4.Fit the Fixing Base to floor  using Screws with Frame Fixing Anchor. Then move down the Cover Base and cover the Fixing Base.

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